2017 Best Clothes Steamer With Reviews

“What should i be looking for… and where do i begin?”

With so many clothes steamer reviews on many different models, brands and styles, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. deciding on which steamer is the best for your needs is important and the wrong purchase could cost you money and time. Before you spend the money, it’s wise to make sure you are getting the best clothes steamer for your needs.

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The process we followed in order to help you choose the right steamer for your clothes were as shown below:

1) We decided to break down the different types of clothes steamers based on their intended use
2) We then proceeded to pick out the best-selling, highest rated, and overall best clothes steamer in each category based on how consumers rated them on Amazon.
3) To conclude, we took the best-selling types of clothes steamers from each category and created a comparison chart to easily view and compare each style and model while also providing the pros and cons of each one.

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Types of Clothes Steamers

Whenever you are about to read any clothes steamer review, it’s important to understand the types of steamers that are currently on the market. How you intend to use the steamer is an important factor to take onboard aswell as how often you will use it. You may also want to set a budget of how much you are willing to spend as this can also impact which steamer is best for you.

Portable (Travel) Steamers 

Steam-2-Go Handheld Travel Fabric Steamer When it comes to compact, portable steamers you need to consider how you will use it. Are you looking to use it for travelling to keep your clothing crisp-clean looking and keeping wrinkles to a minimum? or are you leaning more towards a small, tidy, compact alternative for occasional use in your home?. Either way, a portable garment steamer is perfect for both scenarios.

Although small and compact, portable steamers are best used for the scenarios mentioned above. What you will find is that to compensate for being so small and easy to store away – they won’t generate as high a temperature (temperature varies between brands/models) as a professional grade steamer would. They also won’t hold as much water which means you will need to refill more often.

They are great for carrying with you and for producing quick results if you’re in a hurry. Just got a job interview and need your shirt wrinkle free and clean? Going out for dinner and want your shirt to look fresh? grab one of these and you’ll realise how useful they really are. These types of steamers usually produce roughly 15-20 minutes of steam.

Professional Steamers

Rowenta IS6200Whether you are looking to start your own personal dry cleaning business or just want professional steamed crisp-looking quality clothing then purchasing a professional steamer would be the best choice. These steamers tend to provide higher temperatures, a bigger water reservoir, superior steam output and usually come with a built in hanger for ease and practicality while steaming.

Many designs utilize roller wheels for easy transport and can also include a foot operated on/off switch. For home use these steamers are brilliant and produce excellent results. Lasting upwards of 1+ hour on average on a full tank.

Professional/Commercial Steamers are excellent for preparing in advance when you have time on your side. Due to having a longer lasting steam output this means this type of product is perfect for longer steaming sessions.

What Is The Best Clothes Steamer Brand To Choose?

Try to stick to well known brands if possible. These products tend to have more consumer reviews and usually provide high quality products. Any products from Steamfast, Rowenta, Jiffy Steamer, and Conair tend to produce great results. As mentioned before – Check out reviews before purchasing!.

What Should I Look For In A Clothes Steamer Before I Purchase One?

When looking at reviews, make sure to check how long the steamer can produce high temperature steam. A consistent temperature is needed to produce crisp, wrinkle-free quality steamed clothing. It is well known that alot of steamers today tend to drop in temperature faster than you’d like them to so be careful when choosing.

You also want to check how much water the water reservoir can hold. The bigger the reservoir – the more steam you will get before having to refill. Many of the professional/commercial steamers will hold anywhere from 40-160 ounces of water compared to portable steamers which usually only hold around 5-10.

As to be expected, more water will mean it takes longer to heat. A trade off that you must decide on for your needs. See what other people think of the product from their experience with it. A great place to check reviews on such products is Amazon.

Finally, make sure it functions as intended and fits your needs.  Does it work better on light cloths such as bed sheets? how well does it work against the heavier garments such as dress shirts made of cotton?. All these factors need to be taken into consideration.


As you can see, choosing a steamer is going to rely on a variety of factors. It greatly depends on how you want to use it and where you will be using it.  When you have decided what type you want to go with, make sure to read clothes steamer reviews online and see what other people are saying. Doing so will ensure that you end up with the best clothes steamer for your needs.

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